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Monday, December 10, 2012

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

I'm relatively new to the world of beauty/cleansing masks, in fact the Aesop Parsley Seed is the first one I have bought in full size. I bought it because I read that it was a good cleansing mask but was not to drying and a lot of the masks I had tried were waayyy to drying for my skin.

I have combination skin that has random bouts of oiliness otherwise it's a bit dry and congested which leads to irritation and spots if not well moisturised. The problem I have then how to  go about getting rid of the oiliness and congestion without drying the skin out too much so to avoid irritation.

After using this mask for a couple of months it pretty much does just that, it smooths out the skin calming any irritation on my face but also balances out the oiliness without making my skin too dry. It is also really good at calming down swelling from particularly nasty spots. The sales assistant said that it could be used as an overnight spot treatment if you just apply it to the affected area and whilst I haven't tried it myself (as I prefer to use my Origins Super Spot Remover) I can definitely see it being an effective treatment.

I  recommend this masque for people who find normal clay masks too drying and those who have semi sensitive but congested skin. Although this is obviously my own experience and I would highly recommend that you try a sample before purchasing. My identical twin sister tried this out and it made her skin go bright red, I think this may have been just because she has a less rigorous skin care regime to me and her skin may not be used to it and although the redness faded after about 15 minutes it just shows how variable skin types can be!

I bought this for $39 which I think is reasonable considering the effectiveness of the product and it seems to be lasting well.

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