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Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Impressions: Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate & L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Even though I haven't done reviews for the products I featured in my first First Impressions post (here), here is another one. I think there will probably be a couple more First Impressions posts over the next few weeks given the time of year as even though Christmas is over my birthday is in less than three weeks so stay tuned for new stuff!

Today I have another two products to show you and both of these were Christmas gifts:

Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate (no. 99): This lipstick I tried ages ago when I went to an launch event at a department store. Apparently this is one of the best-selling red lipsticks and a lot of the Chanel MUAs where saying how it's the only red lip colour they can wear. After some quick googling most reviews seemed to back up this sentiment. I don't have a problem wearing most reds, in fact my lipstick collection is made up of mostly red toned hues. However, this one was such a lovely blue-y/pink-y almost plum toned red I couldn't not put it on my Christmas list.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil: I've always been fascinated with oils but I don't really use them because I don't really take baths and I often feel like body oils are too expensive to use and not really that suitable for a hot climate.  That's why when I heard about this shower oil that when used with water emulsifies to a slight foam I had to try it. I've used it everyday since Christmas, it smells amazing and it's great to use for shaving.

So that's it for now! Stay tuned for more in depth reviews!


  1. That shower oil looks like it does smell amazing. I've just started getting into oils like the aromatherapy associates, so would love to try this out :)


    1. It makes every shower so luxurious! You definitely won't regret trying it out.