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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: REN Starter Kit for Combination Skin

Early last year I got a couple of persistent blemishes last year every time I would stay over at my boyfriends house. I quickly realised that this was simply because I was not washing my face properly before bed and using face wipes was just not cutting it. There began an extensive search for some suitably sized but effective products. I couldn't believe how  difficult it was to find a decent cleanser and moisturiser in travel-friendly size.

I finally stumbled upon the REN starter kits out of which I bought the one for Combination skin. I do have Combination skin but really the main reason I bought this one was because they didn't have the Normal skin one available to try (more on that one later).

The Combination skin starter Kit contains three products, a cleanser, a moisturiser and a face mask. There's the T-zone Balancing Day Fluid (15ml), which is a light but still nourishing moisturiser. I really liked this moisturiser and would happily use it as an every day moisturiser except it's a tiny bit pricey for the full size. The face mask is the much blogged and raved about Invisible Pores Detox Face Mask (15ml). This is a good mask as it does give the skin a good deep cleanse and I found it did decrease congestion around my nose, however most of the time it was too drying for most of my face and could only use it on the most oily parts. 

The stand out for this kit was by far the cleanser, which is Ren's Mayblossom T-zone Control Cleanser Gel. This gel cleanser foams up in your hands and then you massage it over your face for a good but non-stripping cleanse, then rinse it off when you're done. I was really happy with this cleanser it was super gentle but solved my overnight spot problem, it was initially a bit hard to get used to because it doesn't lather that much, you have to rub it in your hands first to get the best results. The reason it doesn't foam is because Ren products don't contain sulfates. This is just one of the chemical nasties that Ren's products are formulated without, parabens and mineral oil are two other things you won't find in their products.

Overall, I really enjoyed this starter kit and have already purchased the one for Normal skin to give that one a go. At around $32 for one starter kit it's a great way to try out new, high-end products for a reasonable price and super convenient for travelling. 

Have you tried one of the Ren starter kits?
What are your favourite travel-sized products?


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