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Friday, February 1, 2013

January Favourites

If you are a regular peruser of this blog (hi!) you'll notice that I didn't do a December Favourites post. This was mostly because I really had no new products to share with you guys.  This month however, I got a lot of great  presents for Christmas and my favourites this month reflects just how good at present giving my family and friends are! Or maybe it just shows how good they are at buying things that I ask for! :p

 I already mentioned these first two products this in a First Impressions post, they are the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Pirate and the L'Occitane Almond Shower oil. Both of these products I got for Christmas, although I received another bottle of the shower oil for my birthday too (hence the full bottle in the photo).

The Chanel lipstick is amazing, it's quickly become my favourite red, it's a not so bright but very red blue red. Perfect for night time and my research has told me that it is popular with those who never wear red lipstick. With a swipe of MAC Cherry lip liner underneath this baby lasts me the whole night even with a couple of drinks. However, reapplication  is necessary if you're planning on eating.

The L'Occitane shower oil has quickly become staple in my bathroom, the smell is relaxing and almost sensual and because it emulsifies with water makes it perfect for shaving.

Another lip product which I recently mentioned as well is the Apivita lip care with beeswax. Normally I find chapsticks too waxy and not soft enough to apply but this once is just soft and moisturising enough without it melting in the hot weather. It's SPF 15 which is a bonus all year round.

Lastly are two mini-sized nail polishes I got for Christmas which were part of the Mecca Cosmetica Best of 2012 nail polish collection. The  blue, called Thaisia, is a lovely dark greyish almost navy blue whereas the brown-y shade, Maria, is a sort of taupe-y mushroom with a tiny bit of shimmer that doesn't really appear on the nails. The formula is easy to apply and lasts a good while on my nails I never really wear nail polish for more than a few days at a time anyway, I will definitely purchase these in full size when I finish the mini bottle.

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