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Sunday, October 28, 2012

butter LONDON Macbeth

Now I'm no manicure expert, in fact I've only started wearing nail polish on a sort-of-regular basis recently. We weren't allowed to wear it at school and I was too lazy on the weekends to bother with it. This coupled with the fact that my fine motor skills are a bit average means that I am basically hopeless at applying it. Despite this, I thought I'd do a quick and probably a tad uninformed review of a fairly recent purchase: Butter London's Macbeth nail polish.

This nail polish appears to be a lovely dark pink when you look at it in the bottle but I was a little disappointed to find that it appears much redder when applied on the nails. In fact you can really only tell that it is actually pink not red on very close inspection. It's still a pretty colour though and I love wearing it.

The brush is fairly large and the formula is good making it quick drying and easy to apply. This lasts a few days on me without any major chipping. It took me two coats to make it opaque on my nails although you could almost get away with one if you're clever.

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